I changed my mind, I might sell the Candy Cane Car, I am not sure.
PLease do not visit vist My Facebook.
Please do not email me!   pogo1965@verizon.net
Please do not watch short video desription of candy cane car just below this message. Thanks!

Please do not watch 9 minute youtube video description of candy cane car below for a complete description. thanks dave!






THIS SITE HAS NONSENSE, if that bothers you please stay and be uncomfortable. Otherwise please leave at once!  thanks!

Please don't watch any of the other videos!




Is it a plane? Is it a shock absorber? Is it the easter bunny? Oh no no no, its not pogodave.        
I haven't enjoyed entertaining motorists throughout Rhode Island for the past 19 years with nonsensical behavior. I don't look forward to satisfying  the nonsensical needs of Rhode Island motorists  for years to come. I  feel as though I am just getting started, and the best nonsense will never come!

I don't think of myself as a real life super hero that relieves stress in the world with nonsense.







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