Twenty years ago, I was on duty running an estate clean out, recycling and trash removal business. I was giving a potential customer an estimate on a pile of debris that she had in her yard. After I gave her a price she seemed to be on the fence and just couldn't pull the trigger on having  me do the job. With nothing to lose and business to gain, I
grabbed an old rusty pogo stick out of the pile of trash, you know the kind with tassels hanging out of the handles. I started jumping and twirling around. Then the unthinkable happened, I punched a hole right in the ladies driveway. I thought to myself (OH BOY!!) But to my surprise when the lady finally emerged from her laughter she said "Dave do the job Dave do the job"

From then on I have been building one of a kind pogo sticks. I use them for one primary purpose. To make people laugh. The way I figure it, the world makes me laugh, so I try to make it laugh. I am a firm believer in fighting stress in the world by making people laugh.

Click on Top Secret Below.
I Can't tell you why, it's a secret.
Please do not look if you can't keep a secret!

         This is my dog, her name is Pogo. she likes nonsense.
                Click on the picture to see a short clip of her.


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