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When I first started building Pogosticks my girlfriend thought I was going crazy. She gave me a choice. She said "Dave it is either me or the pogo sticks". My decision was to come bouncing out of the bedroom naked on the pogo stick. (kind of dangerous) The next day she moved out!

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I have a part time job at TF Green Airport as a Baggage Relocation Engineer, occasionally during the hoidays I dress up in costume and bounce through the airport. Unfortunately one year (9/11) happend. The Airport closed for two weeks, eventually it reopened. During the holidays after (9/11) I  decided to bounce through the airport with my Santa Claus suit on.

Everything went well until I was pulled over by a RI State trooper. He said to me "Hey you can't do this, the airport is on high alert. I said to him " I was watching the President of the United States on the news the other day and he clearly stated that all Americans should try to get back to their normal lives." I said " This is normal for me and I am just trying to do what the President said."

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Bouncing on an overpass on route I95 near Boston Mass a few days prior to Saint Patricks Day. Traffic was backed up as far as I could see. I was bouncing and looking at all of the people in their cars. Suddenly a helicopter darted toward me and fixed itself above me. As I Iooked up at the helicopter a car pulled beside me and a guy yelled out the window "hey buddy they are talking about you on the radio". The guy turned up the volume on his radio so I could hear the traffic reporter in the helicopter talking. I will never forget what he said that day. "I can't believe my eyes, it is the longest traffic jam in the history of Boston, 26 miles long, because of a man on a pogostick".


Eventually a police car arrived with a policeman with a very puzzled look on his face. Then three other police cars showed up with three smiling and laughing policemen in them. I think 

they were laughing at the first policeman that arrived because he was the first one to arrive and he had to deal with it, but I am not sure. All four policemen approached me on foot, I remember saying "do not come near me or I will jump". I was kidding around with them and they were all laughing. I got down off the pogostick and the five of us had a meeting on the bridge and the outcome was that the police invited me to march in the South Boston St. Patricks Day Parade with them. I went.

I went pogoing in New York, I went into the world Trade Towers. I got in line to pay for my trip to the observation deck. I had my giant pogostick on my shoulder.The girl at the register did not charge me because she thought I was carrying some type of tripod for a film crew that happend to be there that day. Oh and yes I was allowed to pogo on the observation deck. That is something that will never happen again! If only we could go back to pre (9/11) days.

What is something that we all complain about, but we are all part of the problem? Traffic is the answer.  So next time you
are in traffic blame yourself, you are part of the problem.

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Definition of nonsense-----Extravagant Foolishness

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